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PBX Business Phone Services NH


InteleChoice Communications Manchester NH offers a comprehensive enterprise-grade PBX phone solutions for your business. We offer a wide variety of professional handsets matched with cost-saving plans, keeping your operational costs low whilst increasing productivity. Your Unified Communications future starts right here – traditional phone systems can’t compete!


  • Link your employees with the simple unified communications
  • Stay connected with Mobile Apps and devices
  • Connect to any internet connection
  • Move your numbers anywhere
  • Choose your workplace flexibly and connect anytime
  • Expand globally
  • Unified voicemail to e-mail
  • Simple but rich monitoring features
  • Business-grade VoIP
  • No hardware, no headaches
  • Free up IT resources
  • Keep your business running


  • Exceptional audio quality and proven reliability
  • Intuitive, stylish, user-friendly design
  • A range to cover the specific requirements of your business
  • Choose from IP, digital or DECT terminals
  • Cross-sector capability

Choosing the correct telephone terminal for your business is an important decision. Your terminals become an essential tool for improving the efficiency of your business and the quality of service you offer your customers. With a proven reputation for quality audio and intelligent design, Panasonic can help you choose telephone terminals that match your specific needs exactly, as we offer handsets that cover the full spectrum of business requirements.

Whatever your industry – it might be hospitality, healthcare, education, local government, sales or any other – and whether you decide to opt for IP, digital or our cordless handsets, you’ll find that every model we offer is intuitive, user-friendly and fully featured for business use.


Our unified communications solutions include advanced IP-based network communications, desk-based phones, and highly configurable voicemail systems.

Introducing the KX-NS700

A compact hybrid communication platform designed with up to 288 extensions that can be flexibly configured and expanded. If you’re looking for a powerful “grow as you go” solution that meets the needs of both digital and IP communications and empowers your business with the latest collaborative technologies, look no further than the KX-NS700.

Solutions for Growth

If you’re already a Panasonic customer, you can protect your current equipment investment when migrating to a KX-NS700 hybrid communication platform. The Panasonic KX-NCP, KX-TDE and KX-TDA customer can easily retain many of their existing telephone models as well as expand the NS700 communication platform in phases based on the number of extensions needed. This translates into big savings and the convenience of keeping familiar phones in service.

Cost Effective Flexibility

  • Construct systems that are flexible and cost-effective by combining both IP and legacy trunks to meet your needs
  • Talk to your remote offices anywhere in the world without telephone charges by using a private network with VoIP
  • By using an IP network, install IP phones at a remote office without the need for a local communication server or a VPN connection

Heighten Customer Satisfaction with Unified Messaging

Built-in Unified Messaging provides voicemail for users and can also provide voice guidance to outside callers, either directing them to the desired destination or to a user’s voicemail box. The KX-NS700 records up to 24 simultaneous calls and 400 hours of voicemail and can send email notifications whenever a call is missed or a voicemail is left. Users can access their voicemail boxes using a common email client. With the included Microsoft® Outlook plug-in, users can access their voicemail boxes through Microsoft Outlook just as they do for email.

The Intelligent, Versatile and Affordable Communications Solution For Small Businesses

As a small business, you thrive by providing hands-on, personalized service to your clients. You simply can’t afford to be out of touch, either with customers or colleagues. While the elaborate communications infrastructure of a larger enterprise may be beyond your means, Panasonic has an intelligent, versatile and affordable way to bring anytime, anywhere communication for your business.

We offer small to mid-size businesses like yours completely customizable and scalable communications solutions that are reliable, affordable and flexible, allowing you to be more responsive to your customers, to stay better connected to remote and mobile colleagues, and to quickly and effectively adapt to changes and challenges in the marketplace. After all, when it’s your business, there’s nothing small about it.

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