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Business IP Softphones NH


Most softphone applications work in conjunction with a headset and microphone, a specialized VoIP phone which enables VoIP calling from a standard telephone handset. Many businesses are also choosing to use softphones as a convenient replacement for traditional desk phones.

  • Stay connected without long distance charges
  • Click and call using your PC mouse
  • Take your IP phone system features anywhere


  • Interactive Real-Time Information Display: The KX-NT136 phone set that appears on your PC screen shows real-time information including Caller ID, Date, Time, Call Log, and Speed Dialing.
  • Message/Ringing Lamp: Just like a desktop phone set, the large message lamp flashes when a call is coming in or when someone has left you a message.
  • Interactive Soft Buttons: Working in conjunction with the display, the S1 through S4 soft buttons allow you to access programming, find information, access the menu, and navigate through several features.
  • Custom-Programmable Line Buttons: The flexible buttons on the IP Soft-phone are custom programmable to streamline call handling according to your personal preferences. Programming options include CO Line Keys, Direct Station Selection (DSS) Keys, One-touch Dial Keys, Speed Dial Keys, and Feature Keys. Phone users can label each key with easy access for clear identification. Each key is also equipped with a red/ green key line status indication.
  • Navigation Key: Used together with the display, the navigation key allows you to search speed dial names alphabetically. It also provides instant access to most of your PBX features.
  • Upper Fixed-Feature Buttons: Establish an eight-party conference (CONF), forward calls or send callers a do-not-disturb busy message (FWD/ DND), insert a pause during dialing (PAUSE), make or receive an intercom call (INTERCOM), automatically answer calls or mute an incoming call (AUTO ANSWER/MUTE), and automatically speed dial and store program changes (AUTO DIAL/STORE).
  • Lower Fixed-Feature Buttons: Tell another extension that you need a return call (MESSAGE), call the previously dialed number again (REDIAL), transfer a call to another party (TRANSFER), disconnect from one call and make another without hanging up (FLASH/RECALL), put a call on hold without disconnecting (HOLD), and make and answer calls using a headset or your PC’s speakers and a microphone (SP SPEAKERPHONE).

IP Softphone is Easy-to-Install Software
It turns any laptop or desktop PC into an extension of your KX-TDA, KX-TDE or KX-NS series phone system. With IP Softphone, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive calls using a headset that plugs into your PC. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are as long as you can connect to a local (LAN) or wide (WAN) area network over a VPN.

Ensures Excellent Voice Quality
The Panasonic IP Softphone converts digital voice into standard RTP*/IP packets, which are then transmitted over a TCP/IP network. The product facilitates Quality of Service by supporting VLAN tagging (802.1p/Q) to enable dedicated bandwidth to handle voice traffic. Furthermore, IP VPN tunnel can ensure that voice speech is encrypted so there is virtually no chance of eavesdropping as the voice packets travel over the Internet.

*RTP = Real Time Protocol

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